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If you are, or want to be,  involved in any facet of the manufacture or sale of baby diapers, sanitary napkins, adult incontinence or similar absorbent products, please read through our pages and contact our Consultant, Philip Hardy, by phone,  fax or  e-mail. 

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Diapers & Napkins

Independent Manufacturing Consultancy

I am Philip Hardy, the founder and owner of Disposables Consultancy Service.

I am an independent* expert in the design, testing and manufacture of diapers, napkins, underpads, panty shields and other disposable absorbent products.

My main areas of operation are :

- New factory set-up

- Product and Process development

- Product analysis, testing & monitoring for purchasers

*Independent Consultant Guarantee

I place more than 25 years of experience as a Chartered Engineer, Managing Director and Consultant in the disposables industry completely at your disposal to achieve success for your Company.

I am totally independent of all commercial influences and guarantee that I have no open or hidden relationships with any machine or material suppliers.

In order to ensure this independence, DCS is not directly involved in the sale of new or second hand machinery or the promotion of any particular materials or suppliers.

Your success will be my only objective.

Chinese Baby Diaper Machine

Brief outline of the work of Philip Hardy BA, BAI, CEngMIEI
  • 10 years as Managing Director of a leading diaper and napkin manufacturer in British Isles
  • More than 16 years as a Consultant in the absorbent disposables industry
  • Developed diaper machine training manuals for a top European machine manufacturer
  • Assisted and advised in feasibility studies and product developments in over 40 countries worldwide
  • Invented and developed new tests and test devices to achieve a clearer and better understanding of absorbent product performance. (See pages Hardy Integrity Tester and Retention & Rewet tester)
  • Carried out reviews and reports for clients in USA, Asia and Europe on various subjects related to absorbent disposables such as equipment, diaper features and overhead costs.
  • Trained and certified as Black Belt in Six Sigma production methods.
  • Has written articles for Nonwovens Industry magazine and Nonwovens Market in 2009 on the testing and design of modern slim diaper cores. Article

Below is a description of the services supplied by DCS and where they can be found on this website

Manufacturing start-up

It is not difficult to buy a diaper or napkin machine if you have sufficient funds.

It is virtually impossible to buy the right machine with all of the features and components that will ensure your success in your particular market without considerable experience or expert assistance.

If you want to learn more about manufacturing diapers or napkins, go to the Feasibility Study page, I will ensure that your venture will be profitable before you invest. My extensive experience in the set up and development of successful companies will help you to achieve your aims. 


After analysing the products available on your local market, I will design the product and develop a full machine specification that will optimise your profitability. If you then decide to proceed with the project, I will assist in all facets of the set-up that you require; from operating procedures to material purchase.

Click on  New Companies for more details


Product and Process development 

Rising material costs combined with static sales prices have led to a lot of pressure on the manufacturer to reduce manufacturing cost. I am now offering a special package of services called Profit Plus that will take you from product testing through recommendations to full implementation.

For companies that wish to develop their existing products or move into new product areas,

Click on   Development 
If you wish to avail only of our independent testing facilities click on Testing .


Product analysis, testing and monitoring for purchasers

For Companies that purchase large quantities of disposable products, I offer a unique insight into the performance and component costs so that you will fully understand the reasons for your level of performance and the cost of improvement. I will also provide reports of product comparisons with comments allied to in-depth laboratory testing. See our Testing webpage.

Our laboratory tests have been designed and developed to indicate "real life" performance characteristics and can be allied to Test Panel reports that we can carry out for you.


General Interest

The  FAQ  page shows the most commonly asked questions for visitors to my website.


I emphasize that I offer a uniquely independent service of advice and assistance that will take all available options into consideration. A simple, trusting and confidential relationship.

Your success will be my only objective!

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