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If you are, or want to be,  involved in any facet of the manufacture or sale of baby diapers, sanitary napkins, adult incontinence or other absorbent products, please read through our pages and contact our Consultant, Philip Hardy, by phone,  fax or  e-mail. 

Development Services

For disposable diaper manufacturers:

Diaper Absorbent Core Modifications
Full service and support includes:
1/ Diaper
Laboratory Testing to determine benchmark profile and performance
2/ Recommendations and specifications of machine and product modifications
3/ Full testing service during and after machine and material modifications
4/ Provision of testing equipment such as HIT testng device. (Click on photo on right)

Improving Profitability
We have developed a new package for existing manufacturers called "Profit Plus".
This includes:
1/ Full Laboratory Testing of your diapers/napkins
2/ Inspection of machine for optimum efficiency
3/ Review of diaper and machine design
4/ Recommendations for improvements and new product design
5/ Assistance with or carrying out of improvements
Please e-mail us for further information on this service package
Please click here to send mail Profit Plus Service Package

We have been set up to assist all sizes of disposables manufacturers in becoming and staying profitable. The charts to the right show the amount of money that can be saved by achieving high productivity and low machine waste in a baby diaper manufacturing plant.
(The productivity savings are based on a ratio of 1 to 3 between variable and fixed costs)

Typical Efficiency savings
From the charts for a 3 shift operation we can see that an increased productivity of 10,000 diapers per shift will earn nearly $175,000 per year, and a reduction in machine waste of 2% will earn around $90,000 per year. A total of $265,000 every year!
To effect these sort of savings we will visit your company and review and improve any or all of the items from the lists below. The general scope and cost would be agreed between us prior to the visit.

Product Design
1) Absorbent core optimisation (Use of Hardy Integrity Tester, (HIT) device)
2) T-shape or I-shape, with or without elastication
3) Backsheet design and specification
4) Acquisition layer design.

Machine Improvements
Machine upgrades for improved control, absorbency and efficiency.
2) Additional product features
3) Stacker changes or improvements
4) Packaging sealer review.
5) Machine replacement.

Production Systems
1) Audit and review of all production procedures and processes
2) Reduction in waste and seconds levels due to improved controls.
3) Installation or improvement in computerised usage variance monitoring.

Quality Systems
1) Installation or improvement of Quality system.
2) Preparation for ISO certification.
2) Installation or improvement of laboratory testing facility.
3) Installation of pad integrity testing.

Staff Training
1) Review of job specifications and training schedules.
2) Installation or improvement of troubleshooting systems
3) Installation or improvement of preventative maintenance systems.
4) Training of management in production controls and operations.

Look through the list above and identify the areas where you feel that improvements can be made in your Company. Send me the list and we can then discuss how improvement can be most effectively achieved. I will combine phone, e-mail, video link and possibly a short visit to your plant. Please mail me or call me at the number shown in our Contacts page.

Where machine improvements are required, I will provide you with a range of options using machine manufacturers or modifiers. I am not associated with any particular machine company and will source the most economical and efficient solution and custom-made for your particular situation.

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