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If you are, or want to be,  involved in any facet of the manufacture or sale of baby diapers, sanitary napkins, adult incontinence or similar absorbent products, please read through our pages and contact our Consultant, Philip Hardy, by phone,  fax or  e-mail. 

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If you are an entrepreneur or a manufacturer of other products and have seen an opportunity in your country for the production and sale of diapers, sanitary napkins or underpads - I can ensure your success.

I am not trying to sell you a particular product or machine - my only aim is to help you to set up a successful and profitable manufacturing company.



Outline of services offered to new manufacturers
Starting with the testing and analysis of the disposable products supplied in your local market and providing spreadsheets clearly indicating the costs and profitability of your proposed venture. Includes a full description and training in the materials and features of the particular disposable product.
If you have laready decided to enter the industry, we will start with the testing and analysis of the products supplied in your local market and develop a product specification to suit your market. From this and with your input on investment levels, we will provide you with the best possible machine specification. Manufacturers will be specified and contact names provided for you to contact with this detailed machine specification. We will then analyse the responses and give you a detailed comparison of the offers made.
If you have purchased or ordered the machine and need assistance in the purchase of raw materials, we will assist in material specification and sourcing of the materials.We can also assist in the training of your production and management staff so that you start efficiently and effectively.


Manufacturing Information
Below is some information on the industry that will help you to understand the scale of investment required for a manufacturing plant. After reading it, please go to the Feasibility Study section where I describe exactly how you can achieve a complete and accurate understanding of the potential profits of diaper, napkin, panty-shield or underpad manufacturing.

Feasibility Study


I offer all of the specialist knowledge needed to produce a financial feasibility of your factory set-up. The local information will be supplied by you, but with our assistance, see 'Client Input' column below.
All other information will be supplied by us, see the 'DCS Input' column below. This is not the re-use of standard data; I will work with you to develop your particular requirements in both product and machine specification.

The process will be carried out in a step by step manner. On receipt of your enquiry, I will send you an input form on which I will request the main parameters such as product quality, machine output and maximum investment level. Before proceeding with the study, please read all of the information in the above sections. There is no point in proceeding to a study if the machine costs shown or the production levels are outside your scope.

I will then process your information using our knowledge of the machines, materials and manufacturing requirements. I will seek quotations for the machine specification that is most suitable for your needs. If you then decide to proceed with the project on the basis of the profit predictions, then all of the major factors required for the formation of the new company will already be known.

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Study Inputs

Cost headings
Cost Items
DCS Input
Client Input
Fixed Overheads
Main machine financing Main machine specification & cost Financing rates
Collateral machinery/equipment Spec. & costs coll. machines Financing rates
Rent, rates, insurance Production and storage area Rental rates
Admin./management Normal management levels Management rates
Variable Overheads
Direct labour costs Machine and stores personnel Labour rates
Power/water Power and water requirement Power rates
Consumables General cost level  
Repairs and maintenance Predicted cost level Technician rates
Production Level
Machine capacity Production figures per shift Preferred machine cost or speed
Machine efficiency Predicted annual efficiencies  
Materials and Packaging
Raw materials Product recipe and material costs Local freight, duties and charges.
Bags Bag costs Pack sizes
Boxes/wrapping/pallet Box, wrapping and pallet costs Box sizes
Machine waste Predicted waste levels  
Quality rejects Predicted seconds levels  
Sales, Marketing, Distribution
Sales costs Advice on sales requirements Marketing information
Advertising Advice on marketing  
Freight costs Quantities per container Freight charges

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Results of study

1) You will receive a fully priced Product Recipe showing the cost of a typical product in spreadsheet format, so that material prices and overhead can be varied as you wish. I can supply tables for one or all of the sizes required.

2) You will receive the estimate of the total fixed and variable overheads in spreadsheet format. Overheads.

3) You will receive a spreadsheet clearly illustrating the viability of your project based on the product and the machinery. This model will allow you to vary your inputs and sales levels to quickly visualise how your scheme will work with different costs and/or sales levels. The main key output being the real cost of the disposable product including all overheads which you can subtract from your target selling price to calculate your net profit margin.

4) You will receive a full report summarising the assumptions made in the study and our recommendations for product, machine and factory set-up.

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Cost of Feasibility Study

Please contact me if you wish to avail of this feasibility study, I will then discuss the process with you and submit a detailed proposal. Mail Philip Hardy.

After a one or two week period working with me on the details of this report, I guarantee that you will end up with a clear and concise understanding of the real margins that will be available for your local operation. If you are not happy with the service, I will refund your money. The entire study period should take no more than 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the speed with which all of the local and supplier information can be gathered.
The fee for this study is minimised since our target is to work with you on the company set-up, should it proceed. However, there is no obligation on your part to continue to use our services after the study has been completed.

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Typical Machine Costs

All high speed disposables machines are purpose-made to suit exact client requirements. They vary greatly in price based on the following main parameters:

Machine speed
Product features
Product quality
Machine reliability/efficiency

The following tables give approximate minimum costs of typical baby diaper and sanitary napkin machines. These should be treated only as guidelines since there are many different manufacturers in Americas, Asia and Europe that offer different levels of machinery and after-sales support.

It is important to note that, when choosing a machine manufacturer, you are choosing a business partner for a minimum of 7 to 10 years, so price should not be the only factor that you consider. This is where my expert assistance is key to the future success of your venture. Please contact me to discuss how I can assist in machine selection and technical support. Contact

Note: There are home-based machines on sale with extremely low outputs. I do not show or list these machines since I do not feel that their product can compete against that of the automatic machines shown below. I feel that their use should only be considered when there is no possibility of outside competition being introduced to a small local market and labour rates are extremely low.


Machine speed
Product type
Minimum Cost
 Baby Diaper Machine
Slow speed -100dpm
  Medium Speed 300-400dpm Medium /Premium $1,000,000
  High speed 500-600 dpm Premium $3,500,000
  Top speed -1000dpm Premium $8,000,000


Machine speed
Product type
Minimum Cost
 Sanitary Napkin Machine
Slow speed - 250ppm


  Medium Speed - 500ppm Econ/Premium $350,000
  High speed - 800ppm Premium $1,000,000
  Top speed - >1500ppm Premium $3,000,000


Second-hand machines

There is a market in second-hand manufacturing machinery. However, there is more risk involved in the purchase of such a machine directly from the vendor. I would always recommend purchasing from a machine manufacturer or reputable machine modifier who will give some guarantee of performance and provide training for your machine operators.
As part of my service when comparing new and second hand machines, I will check what is available in this market.

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Machine Photos

Baby Diaper Machine

This is a baby diaper machine from Asia. The photograph shows the main working area of the machine from formation of the absorbent core to the final bi-fold of the finished diaper.
In production, a fluff pulp mill will be positioned at the right hand end of the machine and normally a counter/stacker will be at the left hand end to count the diapers and align them before they are pushed into the manually held bag or into the automatic packaging machine.


Adult Diaper Machine

This is basically a larger version of the baby diaper machine. In some cases the material feeds are brought at right angles to the machine as can be seen in this photograph.


Sanitary Napkin Machine

Sanitary napkin Machines can be designed to run with fluff pulp or airlaid absorbent core. It is also possible to have tri-fold option as well as straight product.

A machine can also be designed to run panty shields, but change-over times between products tend to make this inefficient


*As part of our Feasibility Study service I list the overall dimensions of machines as well as production and storage areas required. Also all other ancillary machinery that you will need such as stacker, packaging machines,air compressors, dryers adn generators* Feasibility Study

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Product Recipe

Below is a typical recipe for a baby diaper. In this case it is a Maxi or Large size, the best selling size worldwide.

The manufacturer has estimated in this example that he averages 4% waste for the diaper raw materials and 2% for the packaging. Company operating procedures must be set up clearly at the outset to ensure that these waste levels are accurately monitored and controlled. This is one of the key factors in success or failure in the industry.

I will assist you by creating these detailed recipes for your product. I will provide the material costs adjusted for your geographical area and size of production unit.

Maxi 28
      (Sq. cm, cm). (Grams) (Grams) (Cents)
  Units Price Area/Lgth Weight Waste Cost
Fluff $/Tonne     15.465 3% 0.000
SAP $/Tonne     9.000 3% 0.000
Tissue 18gsm $/Tonne   1014.0 1.876 3% 0.000
Non-woven $/1000m2   1617.0 3.719 3% 0.000
Backsheet $/Tonne   1592.5 3.758 3% 0.000
ADL 40gsm $/1000m2   182.0 0.728 3% 0.000
Foam elastic $/1000m2   36.0 0.194 3% 0.000
Hook Tape $/ m.   5.2 0.600 3% 0.000
Loop Frontal $/1000m2   86.0 0.420 3% 0.000
Leg Elastic $/Tonne   84.0 0.052 3% 0.000
L/Cuff Elastic $/Tonne   39.2 0.024 3% 0.000
L/Cuff N/w $/1000m2   490.0 1.127 3% 0.000
Elastic Glue $/Tonne     0.300 3% 0.000
LC El Glue $/Tonne     0.130 3% 0.000
Constr. glue $/Tonne     0.850 3% 0.000
LC Con Glue $/Tonne     0.150 3% 0.000
Lotion $/Tonne     0.200 3% 0.000
R.M.Total       42.000   0.000
    Price Pack Size     Cost
Bags $/unit 0 28   2% 0
Boxes $/unit 0 168   2% 0
Wrap $/roll 0 21504   2% 0
Pallet $/unit 0 2688   2% 0
Pack Total           0
      Total material cost   (Cents)  
      Overhead cost   (Cents)  
      Total Cost/diaper   (Cents)  
      Total Cost/bag   ($/bag)  

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In order to operate your new manufacturing company profitably, you should aim to fill at least one full shift of production on your proposed machine. The following example will show what production level you can expect from these machines.
The efficiency is normally assumed to be circa 70% of available production. This can be exceeded if size changeovers are minimised and operators are well trained.
At the start of manufacture with untrained staff or with more basic machines an approximate efficiency of 60% should be assumed.

Baby Diaper example-


Economy diaper machine producing 250 diapers per minute - 4 sizes
Guideline 70% efficiency for working time

Example: Assuming 8 hour shift with 30 minute break = 7.5 hours working.
Daily production = 250 x 7.5 x 60 x 70% = 78,750 per day.
Annual production = 240 x 78,750 = 18.9 million diapers per year for one shift.
(Assuming 5 day working week and 4 weeks holiday shut-down per year)

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Factory Set-up

If the study shows that the project is feasible and you wish to proceed with the factory set-up, the next stages of the process can be outlined as follows:

1) Machine selection
Machine selection is the most crucial decision in the process since the machine manufacturer will by your key 'partner' in the enterprise for the first 7 to 10 years. A reliable machine and a good customer support from the machine manufacturer form the backbone of a successful manufacturing company. I strongly advise that you use my expertise during selection. I can draw up the required specifications, send out the enquiries and advise you in all negotiations.

2) Factory preparation
I can advise you on the general areas required for production and storage. After selection of your premises, I can assist in final machine and production layout.
The size of the power and compressed air supplies will be defined by the machine manufacturer. If preferred, I can offer a turnkey contract where I will install all machinery and hand-over the machine in running mode.

3) Raw Material sourcing
I can assist you in the sourcing of all raw materials from vendors around the world. I have a database of suppliers and prices that will be used to ensure that you get the best quality and the best deals available.

4) Staff recruitment
I can provide a full specification of number and types of personnel to be hired at start-up. I can assist with the training of operators and management.
I can also provide some expert staff to assist in start-up and machine operation until local staff are fully trained.

5) Production and Quality systems
I can provide you with all of the Production and Quality systems that you will require to control and monitor the flow of materials and finished goods.

I can provide all or part of the items above. After your feasibility study, there is no obligation for you to continue with my services, but I hope that we will reach agreement on how I can further assist you to ensure that you achieve a smoothly running and profitable manufacturing plant.

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