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Retention & Rewet Tester

A device specifically designed for diaper and napkin testing


A clear acrylic pressure box for application of consistent and even pressures from 0 to 15kPa (2.18psi). It weighs only 13kgs and so can be easily transported and moved. (A special lightweight carrying unit is available for single baby diaper testing at only 7.5kgs)

In the normal orientation (as in photo), the samples are pressed so that the fluid passes through the perforated bottom plate of the device giving retention values at any required pressure level within the above range.
In this orientation, rewet tests can be carried out under whatever pressure is required by the test specification. The fluid release can actually be observed through the clear top plate as it is being soaked into the filter paper, tissue paper or collagen film.

The device can be set over a drainer allowiing the released fluids to be drained to a container optionally set on a weighing scales. In this way the weight of released fluid at each increment of pressure can be recorded and charted. The normal pressures recorded are 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5 and 15kPa. Using these records the maximum absorption capacity can be predicted for any baby position such as sitting, lying on back, lying on front.

Absorption against pressure tests can be carried out with the device in the inverted position, applying the saline fluid through the perforated bottom plate of the device or through specially prepared holes in the bottom plate.


Internal Sizes:

Baby diaper - 600 x 350mm (2 cores) (24 x 14in)
Adult inco - 800 x 400mm (1 core) (31.5 x 16in)

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